Kim Kardashian is firing back at rumors that claim she is the "Keke" in Drake's hit song, "In My Feelings." The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star became the subject of an in-depth theory over Labor Day weekend after a Twitter user claimed Drake had "been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K." Now—Kim is shutting it down.

According to the theory, Kim is the mystery woman in "In My Feelings" because her nickname is "Kiki" and sister Khloe Kardashian has called her "Keeks" on Twitter. They also claimed that Drake's song "8 out of 10" refer to he and Kanye being Kim's 9th and 10th exes. The eagle-eyed Twitter user also pointed out that lyrics from Drake's verse on "Sicko Mode" tell the directions from Drake's house to Kanye and Kim's in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles. "Crept down the block, made a right/Cut the lights, paid the price," Drizzy raps.

The theory was further fueled when Nick Cannon claimed that Drizzy may have "smashed" Kim.

After a clip of his comments was posted on The Shade Room's Instagram page, Kim left a comment on the video and shut down the rumor with a simple statement, writing, "Never happened. End of story." According to TMZ, Drake also just followed Kim on Instagram.

While Kim denies ever sleeping with Drake, there is still some bad blood between Kanye West and the Toronto MC. During an Aug. 29 appearance on WGCI in Chicago, Yeezy called Drake "insensitive" when discussing the Pusha-T feud.

"When we was talking about the Drake thing, it hits me in a really sensitive place 'cause people hang around your family and be in your house and then they get mad about a beat and send purple demon emojis," 'Ye said.

"We all got love for Drake. We understand he was upset about it, and I felt it was insensitive of him to stress me out in any way after TMZ while I'm in Wyoming, healing, pulling all pieces together," Kanye added.

Read the Twitter theory of an affair between Drake and Kim Kardashian below.

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