Kylie Jenner is really loving motherhood, so much so that she's already thinking about expanding her brood with another baby.

The 21-year-old makeup mogul revealed her desire for another baby girl during a fan Q&A on social media over the weekend.

When asked about whether or not she's thought of what she'd like to name a second child, Jenner admitted she "definitely" wants to have a little sister for Stormi, who she gave birth to back in February.

"I want her to have a really feminine name. That’s all I know," the reality star quipped, adding that she's been thinking of names but hasn't "found anything that I love-love yet."

But don't get her enthusiasm for having another baby twisted: Just because she wants another child doesn't mean she's ready for Round 2 just yet.

"I want another baby, but when is the question. And I’m definitely not ready right this second and I don’t know when I will be," she shared.

"When I do [get pregnant], I would love to share more of that with you guys," she continued, referencing the private nature of her first pregnancy.

As for Stormi, who recently turned 8 months old, Jenner admitted that her daughter has an incredible connection with daddy Travis Scott.

"They have this crazy connection. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl. It’s cute to watch. When dad’s around, I’m not even there. It’s like she doesn’t even see me, but it’s cool, whatever," Jenner joked.

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