Lady Gaga's Oscar nods could get her one step closer to an EGOT.

The singer and actress, who was just nominated for both for Best Actress and Best Original Song for A Star Is Born, could be well on her way to become a part of the elite group of actors and actress who have an EGOT after winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

Gaga is all everyone has been talking about this year because of all the awards she's winning, but just how close is she to achieving EGOT status? So far, she has 1 out of 4 (since she's won a ton of Grammys in her music career), so even if she does win an Oscar on Feb. 24, she still needs an Emmy and a Tony.

Though she has yet to be nominated for any Tonys, she has received three Emmy Award nominations in her career, meaning the EGOT is definitely possible. Considering Gaga is an incredible actress with a whole future ahead of her, we're quite confident that in the years to come, we'll be adding her to the list (below) of celebrity EGOT winners.

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