Come Thursday (February 15), Lonzo Ball will be dueling it out with his dad on Lip Sync Battle, and he's turning to some of hip-hop's biggest stars to win.

In a preview for the Paramount Network series' newest episode, the Lakers rookie faux raps Migos' breakout 2016 hit, "Bad and Boujee," clad in a studded black leather jacket and flanked by a twerking backup dancer. Like the official video for the track, Ball uses a diner as his set.

It remains to be seen which songs Ball's father, media personality LaVar Ball, will hit back with, but Lonzo seems to be off to a solid start. Though it is, admittedly, unsurprising that he turned to Migos for his turn on the mic: Lonzo is a noted fan. "Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” he said in a recent episode of his reality show, Ball in the Family. “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future.”

Expect more rap when the Balls' highly anticipated lip sync battle debuts Thursday, February 15 at 10 p.m. ET. See a preview for the episode below.

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