Last minute gossip of the day:

Fans of the show Gossip Girl were kind of shocked to find out that DAN HUMPHREY was Gossip Girl, not an actual girl. It makes sense, since all the gossip was about the chicks he was in love with and all the rich hoity toity people whose world he didn't belong in! Spotted: Lonely Boy's she is a HE! XOXO Gossip Reesh for all you Upper & Lower Valley-siders!

LeeAnn Rimes appearance on the X-Factor is causing waves because she was acting coo-koo for Coco Puffs! People are saying that she must have been getting in the rum & cokes backstage before she went on live tv! A definite NO-NO, if that is actually true!

Controversy around Scream & Shout. Turns out that X-Factor judge Tulisa recorded the vocals on the track before Will.I.Am gave the song to Britney. Tulisa planned to release the song as her own but her producers didn't want her to have it. Too bad! She would have had a hit on her hands! And released his own app this week, calling it foto.sosho. I checked to see if it's available for my Android but it looks like it's only available for Iphones and only in London store, Selfridges.

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