After spending the first few months of the Donald Trump presidency back at Trump Tower in New York, Melania Trump and their son Barron have finally made the big move down to D.C. and into the White House. Sure, she had joined her husband on that big foreign trip -- remember when she swatted his hand away? -- but she's been mostly out of the public eye.

That's all set to change now, and Laura Benanti reprised her fantastic impression of the now–first lady on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "It was so lonely in New York, doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted," Melania explained. "I called it my prison of freedom."

You can really sense how eager she is to get started on fighting the problem she said she cares so much about while on the campaign trail.

"Illiteracy?" Melania offered.

"It was actually cyberbullying," Colbert gently corrected her.

"Cyberbullying the illterate! It's so cruel," Melania added. "They can't even read what these bullies are typing."

On The Late Late Show, James Corden played a round of Flinch with Iggy Azalea, Jane Krakowski, Kate Mara and Lily James -- you know, the game where the guests stand behind plexiglass while the host fires pieces of fruit straight at them from a cannon and the guests try not to flinch as the fruit EXPLODES? But they flinch, they flinch so hard. They always do.

Conan O'Brien watched Attorney General Jeff Sessions' testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday very closely, and he managed to discover that Sessions has a tell, a little tic that he involuntary does when he's lying. We were watching this too and somehow didn't notice, but maybe you will:

And over on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon examined the pros and cons of the ongoing heat wave that's smothering New York with 95-degree temperatures. We're not exactly sure if "putting on sunscreen" is a pro, but "hearing Times Square Elmo offer to do your back for you" is most definitely a con. Later in the segment, Fallon hits on an utterly terrifying fear all New Yorkers share: when you walk down the street and "pray that mysterious liquid that dropped on you is from an air conditioner." *shudders*

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