Lauren Jauregui spoke out against fans who "ship" her and her former Fifth Harmony bandmate Camila Cabello on Thursday, March 23.

After a fan tweeted about Jauregui's alleged ex-girlfriend, fashion blogger Lucy Vives (who stars in a new photo shoot with Jauregui), and said, "This is why Lauren hates Camren," the Fifth Harmony singer responded, "No, I hate it because it's invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful to us both and was never real... Ever."

Jauregui was referring to a trend among Harmonizers who "ship" her and Cabello. "Shipping" is a form of fan fiction where fans fantasize about a romantic relationship between two characters or people who otherwise are not in a confirmed relationship, and for years some fans have insisted that a romantic relationship exists between the two Fifth Harmony members, dubbed "Camren"—"Camilla" and "Lauren" fused together.

In another tweet, the singer slammed the shippers for "sexualizing [her] and [her] friendships for their sick pleasure."

Unlike fans who ship fictional characters from TV shows and films, Jauregui is a real, living and breathing human with autonomy, and she brings up an incredibly valid point about privacy and respect in her tweets, as well as how public delusions among fans can be harmful to her, her relationships and her friendships.

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