Lauren Jauregui is the latest former Fifth Harmony group member to address Tiffany Haddish's MTV Video Music Awards shade.

On Tuesday (August 21), the singer spoke out about the comedian-actress's diss, calling for solidarity among women in an industry that often pits them against each other.

"Waiting for the day when supporting one successful dope woman does not mean insult to other successful dope women," she tweeted, referring to the moment during which Haddish praised 2018 two-time VMA winner Camila Cabello before slyly shading the girl group she left in 2016.

"There is energy and space for us all to beautifully coexist and bless the world with our individual truths, stories and talents," Jauregui continued.

During the VMAs on Monday night (August 20), Haddish quipped, "[Camila Cabello] is nominated for five VMAs tonight! Five of ‘em! I’m super proud of her. So, those of you watching at home... hi, Fifth Harmony!"

The joke was met with controversy by 5H fans—including Nicki Minaj.

When Minaj took the stage to accept her award for Best Hip-Hop, she chided Haddish for the comment, telling her not to come for Fifth Harmony because "Normani is that b---h."

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