"It all starts here..."

Canadian pop star Lights soars on "Skydiving," the second song released off her forthcoming concept album, Skin & Earth—and the track that corresponds to the first issue of Lights' post-apocalyptic comic series of the same name.

Featuring an undeniably sparkling melody that rises and falls like skydiver without a parachute, the sweeping, sensual electro-R&B anthem is a dizzying ode to falling head-over-heels in love.

"You caught me skydiving / You caught me high flying / I'm jumping off of the world now / Never stop, never slow down," Lights sings in airy tones on the track's atmospheric hook, as a flurry of synths crash around her in the background.

Take the leap and watch the video below:

Speaking to PopCrush about her upcoming fourth studio album back in April, the Juno Award-winning artist shared that Skin & Earth is "the craziest and most work I've ever put into something."

Skin & Earth is due out this autumn.

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