Lil Baby has intertwined his love for music with his new partnership with Trojan Magnum Large-Size Condoms.

On Dec. 17, Magnum dropped a snippet of the official video in support of the verse Lil Baby penned for the condom company via Twitter.

In the 15-second teaser, Baby holds a large box of the contraceptives while spitting his bars. The company captioned their tweet, "Embrace the Magnum lifestyle and what it means to live large. Buy now."

However, there's a full-length video for Baby's actual verse. In the nearly minute-long clip, the Atlanta-bred rhymer appears to be in a hotel room where he can be seen rapping from a couch placed in front of a table that has two boxes of the sexual contraceptives on it. He also rhymes while sitting on a bed in other parts of the video. The Magnum Condoms product placement can been seen throughout the entire visual.

"I can say Mag ’cause I got what I got, but I be laughing," Lil Baby raps on the beginning of the verse. "Even though I ain't have much, I had a bad one/As soon as you don't do what they say, they try to bash you/I already know how I play, just bring the Magnums/Every car I got ’til I die gon' be the fastest."

Elsewhere on the verse, he references the signature gold foil wrapping that the condoms come in. "I knew I wasn't gon‘ get rich sitting in a classroom/Designer garments come from Paris/I ain't keeping score, but I know I passed ’em/Made love to her with a passion/Feelings in the air and I grab one/Always keep a gold one/It fits right with my fashion," Baby says.

Lil Baby closes out the verse with "I ain't never took it off for her, but I still found real love."

The Grammy Award-nominated rapper first spoke of his collaboration with Trojan Magnum Large-Size Condoms during an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this month. Baby explained that he doesn't typically do partnerships, but since the coronavirus pandemic hit, he's been looking into doing deals with and investing in companies that make sense for his brand.

Lil Baby's verse for Magnum dropped ahead of the actual video, which you can listen to below.

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