Lil Durk is giving back to his Chicago community in a major way. The Windy City rapper has launched The Durk Banks Endowment in partnership with Howard University and Amazon Music.

On Friday (April 14), Lil Durk announced The Durk Banks Endowment Fund, which is a scholarship initiative aimed at giving students from Chicago scholarships to attend Washington, D.C.'s Historically Black College/University, Howard University. The initiative was created with the assistance of Amazon Music and Durkio's non-profit organization Neighborhood Heroes.

The plan for the Durk Banks endowment is to offer two students $50,000 scholarships toward their freshman year enrollment at Howard U. Additionally, Neighborhood Heroes and Durk are donating $250,000 directly to Chicago students receiving Howard U's Graduation Retention Access to Continued Excellence (GRACE) grant, which assists students with added funding to help with their urgent financial needs. Overall, the goal is to get students to stay in school and graduate on time.

"I feel it’s my responsibility to reach back to the kids—especially those that are growing up in my community," said Durk about his initiative in a press release. "These kids have to be our biggest investment as they’re our future leaders. They are destined for greatness and I’m encouraging others to join my team’s efforts to help pave their way."

Durk shared the same sentiment on his Instagram account. He wrote: "I’m the voice this the part they don’t show, I appreciate all the kids who are struggling to finish school and needed this blessing."

Salute to Lil Durk for investing in the future of the next generation of scholars from Chicago.

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