Kreayshawn gives props to bada-- chicks Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC, Amy Winehouse, and Courtney Love on 'Left Ey3,' a new song from her soon-to-be-released debut album 'Somethin 'Bout Kreay.'

'Left Ey3' features some of the 'Gucci Gucci' performer's most humorous lyrics yet as she threatens a cheating lover while paying homage to some of the most dangerous ladies in popular culture over the past few decades. "Caught my man cheating, now I’m rolling through the west side / Bout to burn his f---ing house down like I'm Left Eye," she spits over an electronic synth arrangement. "Heard my man is cheating with another b---- in my house / Now I'm finna make a scene like I'm Amy Winehouse."

Kreayshawn describes herself as "higher than Miss Courtney Love" and continues by name-dropping several female criminals. She even gives a shout-out to Britney Spears, referencing the time when Brit went a little crazy and cut off all her hair:

"I'm bout to run up in this b---- with choppers like I'm Patty Hearst / Stylish but violent, I'll leave you in a tinted hearse / In my purse I got that .22 to get the job done / V-Nasty whips the ghetto way, you know how I mob, son / I'm Lorena Bobbitt chillin' in your bed / I'm Britney Spears on hella drugs and I just shaved my head /F--- the feds and the police, ain't nobody touching me / Thelma and Louise, suicide girl thuggery."

'Something 'Bout Kreay' drops next Tuesday, Sept. 18. Kreayshawn told PopCrush in an exclusive interview that Kid Cudi plays guitar on a track called 'Like It Or Love It.'

Watch the Kreayshawn 'Gucci Gucci' Video

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