A few days ago, Lizzo stole the hearts of the audience at her show in Hamburg, Germany when she sang the lyrics to Rammstein's "Du Hast" onstage. But during her concert last night (Feb. 28) in Berlin, she performed a metal version of it — with headbanging, twerking and all — and the band themselves noticed it.

During her initial ode to "Du Hast" last week, Lizzo simply recited the lyrics, adding in the words "nein" ("no") and "Oma" ("grandma") for fun. However, during this latest rendition of the song, a full band backed the singer as she shouted for the crowd to jump and sing along.

Based on the short clip she posted, it's unclear whether she performed the song in full or not, but it was still quite a step up in theatrics. She even headbanged before she started twerking — you know, giving her fans the best of both worlds. After performing a couple of shows in Germany during her current European run, Berlin was the final stop in the country, so she clearly had to go out with a bang.

"Ich liebe dich Berlin," Lizzo wrote in the caption of the video, which she shared on her Instagram and translate to, "I love you Berlin."

"So cool of her to sing the German National Anthem," a user commented.

Rammstein actually shared Lizzo's video on their Instagram story, which you can see a screenshot of, in addition to the video, below. Guitar virtuoso Nita Strauss shared it as well, writing, "Lizzo covering Rammstein was not on my 2023 bingo card but damn I’ll take it!!! Hell yeah go on Lizzo," on Twitter.

Instagram - Rammsteinofficial
Instagram - Rammsteinofficial

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