Local hip hop artist Q'Swyft. Stopped by the studio to let us know. That he is performing at the Central Washington State Fair, Saturday (Oct.1). He takes the stage at 4 PM.

But that wasn't all. Beside working on his craft as a hip hop artist. He also believes in paying it forward. In the past he has helped many people.

He is excited to perform at the Pacific Power Community Stage at the fair. He is more excited to give the chance for some local students to perform as well. Q'Swyft has performed at many schools around the Yakima Valley.

It's not always easy to get stage time. To perform in front of a large crowd. Any performer knows the struggle of getting that stage time.

And here is what he is doing. Q'Swyft is paying it forward. By giving the opportunity for two local students. A male student and a female student. To open up for him. For his performance at the Central Washing State Fair.

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So here are the requirements, song wise. Since this is a family event. The songs must be family friendly. Parents and students, you can send a demo or a link to Q'Swyft via his Instagram.

So to any local students. Here in the Yakima Valley. Here is your chance to sing. At the Central Washington State Fair. For more information. You can contact Q'Swyft via his Instagram.

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