Loki. He’s a god, a trickster, a weaver of mischief, an alien sort of — and while he was first introduced as a villain in Thor and The Avengers, he’s arguably the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most tragic hero. Ahead of his new Disney+ TV series, we’re taking a look at Loki’s arc, to see what makes him such a relatable character.

He’s certainly more relatable than Thor. Loki, like so many of us, has a confused identity, and is desperate for recognition from his parents. He lives in his brother’s shadow and can never be seen as his equal. Everything he does in the MCU, even some of his most egregious acts, all stem from those completely understandable emotions. To get a full picture of Loki’s tragic arc, and what it might mean for the Loki TV series, watch our video below:

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