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  • Do 16% of Millennials Really Have $100K in Savings?
    Social media is outraged over a new Bank of America survey that claims one in every six Millennials has $100,000 saved—Millennials being persons aged 23 to 37. Is that you? The article also tells how much money you should have in your savings account at every stage of your life. Are you part of the super-saving 16%? (via CNBC)
  • Free Rides to Job Interviews
    Using ride sharing programs can get expensive, but imagine having no car and no job: That's the reality for some people. Thankfully, Lyft will now be offering free and discounted rides to those going to job interviews. In addition to rides to and from job interviews and job training programs, Lyft will also help passengers get to work and back home for their first three weeks of employment. What a way to help the communioty! (via The Shade Room)
  • Micheal Jordan vs. Steph Curry
    The NBA is officially back! Who else watched that Lakers game last night? So intense. Well, all anyone has been talking about these past few days is Michael Jordan's interview where he sorta-kinda shades Steph Curry. He says that Curry is a great player... but that he isn't a Hall of Fame-r just yet. Is he speaking facts or what?(via TMZ)
  • Shay Mitchell Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!
    Congrats to Shay Mitchell on the birth of her new baby girl! The actress released an 11 minute delivery video where she revealed she had been in labor for 33 hours and didn't sleep for two days. Watch here!
  • Lori Loughlin's Tough Break
    Lori Loughlin and her husband have been hit with another charge in the college admissions scandal. The prosecutors are now going after them for bribery. It's being said that on top of allegedly paying $500,000 to scandal mastermind Rick Singer to get their daughters into USC, plus faking a photo making it appear their girls were part of the rowing team, Lori bribed officials of a university that receives federal funding. The latest charges carries a max of five years behind bars. Add that on top of their other crimes and she's looking at 40+ years. (via TMZ)
  • Halsey's Alter Ego
    A few months ago, we caught up with Halsey at the Billboard Music Awards. If you haven't seen the interview, watch it now below! And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great interviews.

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