The eat is on.

Police have arrested a male stripper from Tampa, Fla. after he stabbed his partner in both eyes because he thought he was a cannibal.

Justin Calhoun, 24, is now sitting in jail for the attack on Mark Brann, 67. He's facing a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

Police say Calhoun and Brann, who had a sexual relationship, recently got into a fight because Calhoun thought Brann was a cannibal. Brann grabbed a gun and the two engaged in a struggle before the gun fired, but failed to hit anyone. Calhoun also failed to shoot Brann, but he did manage to stab him in the eyes with a pen and shove a piece of wood into Brann's mouth.

Calhoun then jumped out of a window -- while he was fully nude. Authorities eventually tracked him down and arrested him. Brann, meanwhile, went to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

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