Maroon 5 unveiled their latest music video for current single 'Sugar,' and we're kind of obsessed with the concept of the video. The guys pretty much travel around Los Angeles over the course of one day, in an attempt to crash as many weddings as possible. When we first heard the description for the video we were like, "They already made a movie about that, you guys." But then we saw 'Sugar' and the end result was way more -- dare we say -- sweet.

At each stop, their team heads into the wedding venue first to set up a temporary stage, aka their equipment and some curtains. The entire wedding party is totally confused every time, but it's a good thing they're willing to let it slide, because when the curtains drop and the guys start playing it's suddenly the greatest wedding gift of all time.

The guys manage to crash quite a number of weddings, much to the delight and bemusement of those involved. We seriously love the reactions of everyone involved -- total shock and awe followed by excitement and happiness. It's a seriously sweet video for a song so appropriately titled 'Sugar,' and we're definitely in love with it.

Check out 'Sugar' above and let us know what you think!

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