As we approach Valentine’s Day and the season of love, a lot of couples get the urge to take that big step toward marriage. But before your eyes well up with tears of joy and sweetness, you must do the math. Based on the law of percentages, not all of these proposals can possibly go well.

For all of you without dates and already sick of the season’s saccharine sentimentality, we give to you 10 very sad and public proposal rejections to lift your spirits.

JumboTron Gone Wrong

The holidays are a popular time to get engaged and what better way to go about it than with the jumbotron at a UCLA game? Unless your sweetie doesn’t feel the same way as you do about getting married… or jumbotrons.

Halftime Is a Bad Time

This proposal went so wrong it made the news. In case you’re keeping track, more elaborate does not mean more likely to go well.

Not a Slam Dunk

If this video doesn’t convince you that halftime proposals aren’t always good ideas, you’re not paying attention. It seems like the ladies just don’t enjoy this.

Center Court Sadness

Even if we aren’t quite sure this one is real, you have to be convinced that this is not the way to go. Never go full court press if you’re not sure victory is within reach.

“No” Means “No” In Any Language

Do not adjust your web browser. You should not be able to understand a word they say. That doesn’t matter, though. It’s pretty clear what’s going on. (Don’t be too sad, it was a setup for advertising purposes).

Rejected for Ratings?

Is this talk show proposal a setup or the real deal? Either way, the awkward is all kinds of real.

Served at a Service

This one was so sweet and romantic, for a while. It proves that sometimes not even God can help you out when it comes to love.

Better You Than Me

Here’s a video that illustrates that watching a rejected proposal is way better than being involved in one.

Romantic Setting for Non-Romantic Proposal

We’re pretty sure she didn’t think he was actually asking her a real question. Definitely a case of right location, wrong woman.

Walked On at the Ped Mall

The only good thing about this proposal is that it ended quickly. Hopefully he kept the receipt for the ring. If we’re right about the timing, he probably just bought it.

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