Oh, Martha, Martha, Martha! Martha Stewart is apparently rolling in eager suitors after offering her Instagram followers an alluring snapshot of her enjoying a cool pool on a hot summer day.

Speaking to E! on the Daily Pop, the 78-year-old business owner and TV personality opened up about the amusing aftermath of the sexy pool selfie she recently posted online that went viral.

"I've had 14 proposals," Stewart, who was married between 1961 and 1990, shared. "I don't know what for, but they're proposals! I haven't checked lately, that was the first day."

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stewart admitted the photo was "definitely a thirst trap." (After the interviewer first explained to her was a "thirst trap" was, of course.)

"My camera came on backward, you know, selfie mode, and I looked so nice," Stewart shared of snapping the now-iconic photo. "The sun was on my face. I thought, 'Oh, that looks pretty,' so I took the picture. It looked good."

On July 21, Stewart shared a sultry selfie taken from her gorgeous backyard pool.

"My pool in East Hampton is the place to be on a 89 degree day! When I built the pool thirty years ago it was designed to be as chlorine-free as possible, with a natural concrete finish—no paint—and fit in a long narrow space between the house and the property line," she captioned the image. "I made it extra deep for diving and with no protruding steps so we could really race the length without worrying about obstacles. After all these years, It is a fun place to swim!"

See the proposal-inspiring pic below, as well as more photos of the lifestyle brand icon's stunning East Hampton pool and home.

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