WandaVision is by far the hottest thing Marvel’s done in months and months. Admittedly, WandaVision is also the only thing Marvel’s done since the summer of 2019 thanks to Covid. But the point stands — the show has proven very popular with fans, who have been hanging on every mystery and plot twist. But despite the show’s phenomenal success, it’s still not clear when or even if the show will get extended beyond this season, which concludes with its ninth episode a week from this coming Friday.

In fact, Marvel hasn’t revealed if any of their Disney+ content will continue beyond their debut seasons. It’s still not entirely clear whether the company views these shows as limited series (like, say Deadly Foes of Spider-Man) or as ongoing series (like, say, The Amazing Spider-Man). Marvel’s Kevin Feige was still tight-lipped about the situation at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, but he did concede that the company is “thinking of and planning second seasons for some of the upcoming series.” Note he said they were planning for some second seasons. These decisions, he explained, are “dictated by the story.”  In other words, some shows will have many stories that Marvel wants to tell over the course of multiple years, and some will be done in just one run of episodes.

Feige might be cagey with his language here because of spoilers. Saying that yes WandaVision is coming back might ruin whatever surprises await the title characters in the final two episodes. (Wanda is already definitely continuing her adventures into the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.) Marvel is super careful with what they reveal about their movies; it should be no surprise that they’re treating their TV shows the same way.

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