Toby Maquire and Andrew Garfield did their best with the source material on five Spider-Man movies but it looks like we are getting the "definitive" version of Spider-Man and the coolest thing, we didn't even ask for this version of Spider-Man...

Let me explain.

The five Spider-Man movies have easily combined to make over a few billion dollars for Sony Pictures but their latest version of Spidey with Andrew Garfield failed to make the stellar money the other "lesser" known Marvel Comics have been making like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Marvel Studios flicks have constantly been besting Sony Pictures "Spider-Man" franchise and Fox's "X-Men" franchise at the box office.

It does get confusing but you see, the current rights to making Spider-Man films is with Sony Studies and not Marvel Studios. Marvel has been having great success with Iron Man 3 making over a billion dollars but Spider-Man has yet to break a billion dollars and he's supposedly the bigger draw.

Sony decided it wanted a piece of the Marvel magic and Marvel of course wanted to get it's #1 character back into the Marvel Universe and that's where both companies got smart...or greedy.

Sony is allowing Marvel Studios to produce the new Spider-Man movie "Homecoming". We have a new lead in Tom Holland and Michael Keaton will be playing The Vulture.

The new trailer is awesome and I love that we finally get Spider-Man interacting with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

The Iron Man scenes are amazing and takes you back to the day when you'd have a team-up of Spider-Man and Iron Man in the comic books. It's like the comic book pages are coming alive and I love that we finally acknowledge that other Marvel characters exist in the same world.

I always hated solo movies where New York is going to be imploded and only one super hero shows up and Marvel Studios has made huge steps in making all the movies tie together.

It's like a giant woven tapestry and that was the original idea conceived by Stan Lee and the Mighty Marvel Bullpen in the start of the 60's, all of the Super Heroes could easily run into each other just like real people.

I enjoyed the other five Spider-Man movies for what they are, but the combination of seeing Spider-Man interacting with other Marvel characters is the stuff of fan boy dreams.

We finally live in a time when the original concept of the Marvel Universe conceived in the sixties comes full circle and that is what makes it such a great time to be a comic book fan....we are finally getting the Spider-Man that fans wanted but thought we'd never get!

Here is a little bonus of the 1970's Spider-Man TV series starring Nicholas Hammond, showing how far Spidey has really come.

Spider-Man "Homecoming" hits theaters July 7th, 2017.

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