Ma$e hasn't only banned his wife from his home by filing for divorce, he's also banning her from his church. And the reason why? She has a severe drinking problem, says the rapper slash pastor.

TMZ reports that the rapper -- who currently has a church in Atlanta -- feels his wife, Twyla Betha, is an embarrassment to the congregation due to her drinking. Just last month, she was pulled over for DUI. Plus, since she’s preached about the sinful nature of drunkenness, Mase feels it would be hypocritical for her to return to his church.

But is the baby-faced lyricist being spiteful in not letting his estranged wife return? Would it really be harmful if she came back? Obviously for Ma$e, it would be. And to make things worse for the former couple, mugshots of Twyla Betha’s arrest have hit the Internet.

The Harlem, N.Y.-bred artist is the pastor of El Elyon International Church, which has other another location in Phoenix, Ariz. On the music front, he surprised fans by dropping the R&B-inspired song ‘Nothing’ with singer Eric Bellinger earlier this month.

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