Love can often run away from us, slipping away just moments after we've finally caught up to it. Matt Thomas knows the frustration well, but he's up for the chase.

On "Sneakers," premiering exclusively on PopCrush, the independent Nashville-based pop artist chronicles an endless race, one we're all familiar with, set to a lush electro-pop soundtrack.

"Tied up in your laces, I can’t replace / Your one in a million faces," he admits to a lover on the run, tapping into the all-too-familiar story of a relationship torn apart by time and space and circumstance.

"I’ve got my sneakers on / I’m goin' where you go / I really need me some / I don’t care if they know," Matt sings over a backdrop of sparkling synths. "You, only you baby you / Can make me run after something, something."

"I was sitting on this idea for awhile and ended up writing it with a couple of my favorite writers on one of my trips back-and-forth to L.A. from Nashville," the singer-songwriter shares. "I've been in a phase of my life where I spend a lot of time away from home and the people I love. This song really came together in that moment where I just craved the feeling of wanting to do anything to go after somebody."

"I think the cool thing about this track is you can relate it to your best friend or your girlfriend or your boyfriend, or even your family... anyone really," he adds. "We all have one or more of those people in our lives that we just can't be without and when life puts space between us and them, it just feels like you want to do anything to physically get to them."

Listen below:

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