Your first look at Mattel's BTS dolls is finally here.

The doll maker released a sneak peek at its BTS figures on Twitter. While fans were initially excited and hopeful for the collaboration, that excitement has faded a bit after seeing the dolls. Many fans seemed disappointed by Mattel's take on the band, suggesting that the dolls don't look much like the band members.

Fans were worried this may happen when Mattel announced that it would be creating dolls in BTS' likeness, as they've released underwhelming representations of famous folks, like the members of One Direction, in the past.

Fans on Twitter had high expectations for the dolls, which some joked about on Twitter after Mattel released photos of the final product. "Expectation   VS   Reality," one user tweeted.

While many fans were disappointed with the dolls, not everyone hated them. One fan tweeted, "at least you got his dimple right," about the RM doll. Another said they were "not that bad," adding that Mattel "Got some resemblance." Others were happy to see Mattel at least nailed the outfits, dressing the BTS dolls up in wild, fashionable prints.

BTS hasn't weighed in on the dolls, and likely won't beyond sharing the final product once it's released to them. They are currently busy preparing for shows around the world, including a performance on Saturday Night Live. BTS is also gearing up for the release of their new album, so they're plenty busy at the moment.

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