Yakima is home to a meat vending machine. Yes, a vending machine for meat.

You can find this slice of awesomeness inside the Stein's Ace Hardware on 72nd Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard. It's to your immediate left when you walk in (you'll see it just before you walk out the exit doors). This refrigerated vending machine is filled with goodies from Owens Meat. They have a nice selection -- jerky, pepperoni sticks, sausages and more. My favorite is the variety bag of cubed meats and cheeses.

It takes cards or cash, but will give you change in coins. I purchased something today and it gave me four one-dollar coins as change, Not a huge deal, but I would rather it gave dollar bills. I can't complain, though, as it also gave me some delicious meat for now or later -- usually both.

If you have time, stop by and check it out! Maybe more will pop up in the future.

John Riggs, Townsquare Media
John Riggs, Townsquare Media

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