Meg Mac knows what she wants and she gets what she needs, but if there's anything she doesn't need, it's your permission.

It's a wonder that the singer-songwriter hails from Melbourne, as her music is steeped in that sort of bluesy, rustic spirit native to the American deep south, a signature sound that is compounded by the Australian's earthy, soulful vocal prowess. Even on her slick, atmospheric ode to standing on her own, "Don't Need Permission," Meg sounds like she ought to be perched atop a worn wooden stool in the back of a Tennessee dive bar, crooning to the tipsy and brokenhearted.

In honor of Meg's long-awaited first album, we asked the alt-pop star to round up the DGAF anthems that give her serious attitude and make her feel unstoppable and unf---withable. Listen below and be sure to subscribe on Apple Music!

Meg Mac's debut album, Low Blows, is out Friday, July 14.

"Superfly," Curtis Mayfield
Try and listen to this and not feel a bit cool.

"All Along the Watchtower," Jimi Hendrix
This song has an attitude I love, and I try to take some of it for myself.

"Spanish Joint," D’Angelo
This song will make you move and it will make you feel alive.

"Pleasure," Feist
Don’t worry about anything—just listen to this!

"Positively 4th Street," Bob Dylan
I reckon everyone can relate to this.

"On & On," Erykah Badu
This one is powerful and relaxing at the same time.

"Hold On," Alabama Shakes
Sing along to this and you'll be okay.

"If You Want Me To Stay," Sly & The Family Stone
I’ve covered this song I love it so much. Your time is precious, don't waste it.

"Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag," James Brown
I read that this song’s about an old man brave enough to get up and dance at a nightclub. I love that!

"Lovely Day," Bill Withers
This is positivity x 10.

"Higher Ground," Stevie Wonder
Keep on trying until you reach your highest ground.

"Smooth Sailin'," Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges brings everything to life, especially on this song.

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