Melanie Martinez is a wicked anti-Alice in the video for "Mad Hatter," the final visual installment off her off-kilter alt-pop debut, 2015's Cry Baby.

Teaming up with an adorable gang of wide-eyed Mark Ryden-esque stuffed animals (part precious, part nightmare fuel), the pop star delivers a dose of surreal, wonderfully deranged pastel pop creeps in the clip.

When she's not peeling the skin off her face House of Wax-style (not our preferred method of exfoliation, but hey) or giving us a heart attack by springing out of giant Jack-in-the-box toys, she's begging her psychiatrist for pills and bathing in ice cream sundaes.

If "all the best people are crazy," then Melanie takes the unbirthday cake. Watch up top.

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