A man convicted in the 2019 murders of five people near White Swan was sentenced to four life sentences on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Yakima. 39-year-old James Dean Cloud and his cousin 35-year-old Donovan Quinn Carter Cloud were both charged in the killing of five people in June of 2019 and both were sentenced on Wednesday. Donovan Cloud was sentenced to a 27-year prison term.

Five were killed in the attack at a home near White Swan

Those killed in the shooting included 61-year-old Dennis Overacker, 59-year-old John Cagle, 51-year-old Michelle Starnes, 49-year-old Catherine Eneas, and 36-year-old Thomas Hernandez.

Both men were charged in federal court and both were sentenced to long terms

The two men were charged in federal court with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and carjacking among other charges. James Cloud was convicted of four counts of first-degree murder as well as kidnapping and carjacking. His cousin Dononvan Cloud entered a plea that allowed him to avoid murder charges. He plead guilty to charges of carjacking and brandishing a firearm while committing a violent crime. Before the two men were sentenced family members had a chance to tell the judge about the pain the murders have caused in their lives.

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