Miley Cyrus is heartbroken by reports that a fan was killed in a homophobic attack.

On Saturday (June 26), the "Midnight Sky" singer responded to social media who shared the story of the reported killing of a Brazilian fan named Gabriel.

Content warning below // discrimination, homophobia, murder

Gabriel's apparent boyfriend claimed that Gabriel was at a barbershop in Embu das Artes when he was shot three times in the head due to his sexuality in a brutal hate crime.

"I am devastated to find out a Smiler [Miley Cyrus fan] has brutally lost their life due to hate, judgment, and injustice," Cyrus tweeted in response. "To call this disturbing action 'homophobia' would mean that the attacker had a 'fear of' queer people. Which is f---ing bulls---. This human's heart was full of HATE and ANGER."

Cyrus added that such hate crimes cannot simply be "written off" as homophobia, noting that the only person who was truly scared in the situation was likely Gabriel.

"This is exactly why the importance of my mission to fight against this type of cruelty [with] love, acceptance, and FREEDOM is at the very top of my priorities and is the purpose of my existence on this planet. I couldn’t imagine if this happened to one of my best friends," the singer continued.

"And knowing this happened to someone that loved me and I love in return breaks my heart," Cyrus concluded, including the hashtag #WeWontLetThemWin.

Cyrus founded the Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014. Their mission is to bring young people together to "fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ+ youth and other vulnerable populations."

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