Given the chance, Miley Cyrus would probably take a wrecking ball to her 2013 namesake single.

In a new interview with The Zach Sang ShowCyrus was challenged to play a few rounds of "Marry, Eff, Kill" with her own singles as choices (strange!). And when "The Climb," "7 Things" and "Wrecking Ball" were pit against each other in the introductory heat, the singer had a very clear answer: Marry, Eff, Kill, respectively.

In other words, down with the WB.

“That’s something you can’t take away, swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever,” she said. “Once you do that [in the way] that I did, it's forever. I’m never living that down. I will always be the naked girl on a wrecking balI, no matter how much I frolic with emu, I'm always the naked girl on the wrecking ball. [And] I just licked the sledgehammer."

Cyrus added that she has one particular fear about the song that she mentioned to the show's host even before the interview had formally begun.

"I should’ve thought [about] how long that was going to follow me around," she said. "That’s my worst nightmare is that being played at my funeral...'We'll always remember Miley' and then that.”

So where does "Party in the U.S.A." fit in the pantheon? What fate would befall "We Can't Stop"? Check out the clip to watch Miley chop up her entire discography.

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