In sickness and in health, the "Malibu" promo trail continues for Miley Cyrus, who's taken her warm summer love song everywhere from the stage of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards to the finale of The Voice.

Early this morning on Today, the Bangerz pop princess performed the track to a live crowd outside, as well as her godmother Dolly Parton's classic "Jolene," which she's covered countless times before in concert. Perhaps most exciting for Smilers, she also delivered a live rendition of "We Can't Stop," giving the song a distinctly more low-key, twerk-free performance than ever before, handing out flowers to the audience as she crooned the house party banger in full happy hippie mode.

Leading up to this morning, Miley warned that she wasn't feeling so well and was trying to rest up before the gig — but as we saw, she delivered those performances just fine.

"Thank you for havin me this mornin #Malibu !!!! The fans made me feel sooooo much better. Can't wait to have a couple days to rest up and then I'm back on the road for some more radio shows!" she wrote on Instagram immediately after the performance.

Watch below.

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