**The USDA says milk production in the top 23 states during April was nearly 17.2 billion pounds, up 2% on the year.

The average production per cow was a new monthly record and up 20 pounds from last year at 1,967 pounds per cow, while the milk cow herd jumped 81,000 head from a year ago, to 8.719 million head.

The USDA expects production and the per cow yield to decline in the second half of the year, but for now, the supply is only getting bigger, burdening processors with a lot of extra milk and pressuring prices.

**The president of United Farm Workers of America says rural communities are facing increasing immigration enforcement under the new administration.

Arturo Rodriguez says it’s been common in California Ag communities to hear rumors or actually see ICE agents picking workers up.

Legislation was recently introduced that would help undocumented farm workers earn legal status.

President Trump also promised farmers protections for farm workers as part of immigration reform.

**ChemChina announced the successful completion of the First Settlement of its tender offers for Syngenta.

Shareholders who tendered their shares by May 4th received the consideration of $465 US per share, and holders of American Depositary Shares who tendered theirs received $93 US per ADS, on May 18th.

Shareholders who tender their shares or ADSs by the end of the Additional Acceptance Period on May 24th will receive the same consideration.


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