Millie Bobby Brown may be 14 years old, but like her Stranger Things character, Eleven, she's not your normal teen.

The television star recently let fans ask her anything on Instagram Live, which attracted more than 20,000 viewers. And while K-Pop is one of the most buzzworthy genres in music today, especially among a younger demographic, Brown has never even heard of it.

When a fan asked her if she liked K-Pop, her response was simply, "I don't know what that is." Later, when a fan asked her about South Korea's BTS—arguably the most popular boy band in the world—she asked "Who is BTS?! Is BTS 'behind the scenes,' or like...?" she asked, confused. She then looked them up and said "Oh...oh, they're a band. That's cool." And then something clicked: "Oh, they're THAT band," she exclaimed.

Although she wasn't really familiar with the band, ARMY members freaked out just by the reference during the Q&A. "So in live stream in insta, I spamed her by asking if she new kpop or her awnsers love you millie" one fan tweeted, along with the video, which you can watch below.

Although Millie may not be a fan, BTS has quite the celebrity fan base, including John Cena and Camila Cabello.


Celebrity Fans of BTS

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