Momoland has been reorganized as a six-member group after MLD Entertainment announced the departure of Taeha and Yeonwoo

"Both Taeha and Yeonwoo have thought deeply about their career path for a long time and upon having enough time for their thoughts, have had much conversation with the company," the company said in a statement provided to Soompi.

Yeonwoo is leaving the group to focus on her acting career while still under MLD Entertainment. The actress just landed a role in the SBS drama Alice.

"Taeha is going to make a new start at a new place with her exclusive contract terminated," the statement continued. "Thus, the company will fully support and encourage her new start as much as possible."

As for member Daisy, her fate is still up in the air as they are "still going through a mutual discussion we will inform you as soon as we reach an agreement," MLD shared.

The girl group's debut full-length studio album, Chiri Chiri, was released this past September.

See the company's full statement, below.

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