Think Monopoly is a boring old board game for stuffed shirts? Wait until you get a load of Monopoly Gamer, which puts a Nintendo spin on the classic.

This August, Hasbro is reworking one of the most beloved and angst-inducing board games to ever grace family night. Monopoly hasn't been through too many changes beyond what pieces make the cut, or cosmetic variances to allow for licensed versions featuring your favorite TV shows and movies, over the years, but this upcoming Monopoly Gamer promises to shake the foundations of Park Place.

Teaming with Nintendo for this update, Hasbro has found a way to add in new gameplay elements that bring some of the Super Mario Bros. flavor to the steady pace of the original Monopoly. As you can see in the video above, the game board certainly looks similar with Go and Jail holding down their standard corners, while properties from the Mushroom Kingdom line the borders. However, closer inspection shows there are no buildings to place, and money has been replaced by coins. The only cards included are now Boss cards, which trigger battles every time you pass Go.

True to the iconic Nintendo franchise, Bowser and his Koopa kids make for the villains you'll come across on these Boss cards. When drawn, players may choose to pay a small fee to fight a boss, need only to roll a certain number on the die to win and get the rewards. Sometimes those rewards are properties, sometimes they are more coins. You'll also get a certain number of points, which is how a winner in Monopoly Gamer is declared.

Rather than owning the most properties and cash by the time someone flips the board over out of frustration, players vie for points acquired from these battles. Purchasing properties is still part of the game, but it's not really clear how rent works from the details we have at the moment. Like previous incarnations, each property does have a coin value attributed to it, so you can pick up memorable levels like Bowser's Castle with a few pieces of gold.

Depending on your roll and your character's abilities, you can also steal coins from players or the bank. Each character has a set of skills they can activate when they land on a Star space, including Mario's ability to get five additional coins on a given roll, and Peach's ability to get a bonus for rent payments. The secondary die also has power-ups from the Mario franchise, including the red and green shells, which can be used to wreak havoc on other players across the board.

Interestingly, the base game can be modified with Power Packs, which bring new characters and abilities to the fold. Eight additional playing pieces like Luigi, Rosalina, and Toad can be purchases separately to give players more options... and Hasbro more money. With the base game costing $25, and each Power Pack running an additional $4 each, a full complement would set you back nearly $60. And that's only based on what's been announced so far. No telling if there will be future updates beyond this launch collection.

Monopoly Gamer will be out in August for $24.99. The additional Power Packs, also due in August, will retail for $3.99 each. You can actually get it early today at Gamestop as a Collector's Edition with an additional Bowser figure and other small changes for $39.99.


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