So you have a dream.

A BIG dream.

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Big Dreams In A Small Town

You're a kid growing up in a small town like Granger, Washington.  And to be honest, there isn't a whole lot going on in the town of  37-hundred residents.  No bright lights, no nightlife.  Just a solid little Yakima Valley ag town....home to dinosaur statues and fishing lures.

But that big dream, that lure of success is out there.  One thousand miles south, and a thousand times bigger than Granger lies Los Angeles, California, the city of Angels, the city of dreamers.

With a population of 3,967,000, how many of them share the same dream?  How many of them have stories to tell, characters to bring to life, costumes and sets to design?

Local Guy Makes Good...And Good Movies

Rick Casteneda was a Granger dreamer who had movies playing in his mind.  He found stories worth telling in the simplest of occurrences and in the humblest of places. He studied, worked hard, and made his dreams come true

Take for example his latest movie All SORTS playing now at the Yakima Cinema on North 16th. It's a story that came to Rick as he was trying to break into the business and working in data entry at the time.  Life in a cubicle was routine, boring with no sense of fun or excitement.  BUT....what if there was someone who was so skilled at filing documents accurately and at great speed that they bordered on the amazing?

And what if there were others like them who held underground filing competitions?  Kinda like "Fight Club" for filers!  Then add a romantic interest...and that's how the mind of  J. Rick Castañeda works!

Wikipedia says he is:

is an award-winning writer/director of branded content and narrative films, and the founder of Vibrant Penguin. He wrote and directed the feature film Cement Suitcase, a comedy-drama set throughout Central Washington.

Sound Stage Yakima

Castañeda returned to his roots again and shot his new movie in the Yakima Valley including staging a red carpet premiere on April first.

We missed a chance to speak with him then, but we did catch up by phone today to get his reaction to the success of ALL SORTS and to find out more about his future plans for featuring Yakima in the movies!.

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