I was at the deli case in a local store when this Wing Bar caught my attention. What a brilliant idea!

I found this specific one at the Safeway on 56 and Summitview. You pay by the pound, just fill it up yourself with however many wings you think you might need and you're good to go. In my first run at this, I grabbed about eight wings of different flavors from BBQ to buffalo. That turned out to be just about a pound. Maybe a little over. These wings are a little larger than average wings, too.

This is the first week it's been there. This wing bar took the place of the old antipasto bar so if you were looking for that, you won't find it there anymore.

I'm not sure if the other Safeway locations have this, or will have it in the future, but I think it's an awesome idea and hope I see more stuff like this in the near future. I'm a huge fan of wings and Yakima doesn't have very many options for wings so this adds to the growing list.

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