Ms. Marie Dionne Warwick doesn't play that. She has no time for foolishness and no time for any silly games. If you have something to say to her, you had best bring your A-game, especially if you try to clap back!

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Take, for instance, Chance The Rapper. He was minding his business doing whatever Chance the Rapper does when he's not rapping, and here comes Ms. Dionne with a tweet, entering stage left. She also said she was coming after anybody with a "the" in their stage name, including Cedric The Entertainer. (Ms. Warwick let Cedric off the hook though because he mentioned he modeled his name after John The Baptist!)

Why do I call her "Ms. Warwick" instead of her regular stage name? Because that's what she told Chance the Rapper he had better do when addressing her. She is about to be 80 years old, so if she wants to be called "Ms. Warwick", then dang it, that's wtf we are gonna call her!

EIGHTY years old, can you believe it? My, how the time flies. I remember being a little girl and my mom Mary was a huge fan of Ms. Warwick. If Ms. Mary was there next to you, she'd probably tell you that "these young'ns don't know nothin' about that GOOD music like they used to do!"

"Say A Little Prayer For You" was always playing on my parent's record player. She had some other hits that my momma was always humming around the house. I can't recall any at this moment. Some of those songs were pretty catchy, too.

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" was another jam my mama liked to hear. I couldn't stand the song because it was always getting stuck in a loop in my head and I couldn't get rid of it for hours. I hate that song to this day--but don't tell Ms. Dionne Warwick that, I don't want her coming for me on my Twitter! 😂

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