Just days after it was announced he reportedly has a joint album with Metro Boomin dropping later this month, Toronto artist Nav has released a new track with his XO label boss, The Weeknd.

The track, produced by Metro Boomin', finds The Weeknd and Nav bragging about their game-- both in life and with women. Their game makes people feel "some way."

"Dress up your talk if a n--- wanna talk to me / F--- your phone calls, I don't want apologies / Everyone said, yeah they said I was gonna peak / Most number ones, number ones in a n---- league / Think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me / She see my f--- and my tongue game a remedy," Abel cockily sings on the opening verse.

For his part, Nav just talks about a woman being sad because he replaced her, and how he spends a lot of money on sweaters. The song is overall pretty mellow, despite the braggadocio, and should continue to peak interest in Nav, since not a lot is known about him at this point.

Take a listen to the song below.


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