Cabin fever is getting to everyone here in the Tri-Cities and folks are going absolutely stir-crazy - I think we are all dreaming of the day we can hit the beach again..but it looks like the folks in Seaside are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The beaches of Seaside Oregon are opening up again on Monday.

The City of Seaside is opening its beaches again after being closed on April 10th due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Seaside City Council voted to lift restrictions on the beaches, waterways, and parks at their bi-monthly meeting. It was a unanimous vote.

The City Council is adding two signs at a cost of $13,000 to the beaches to inform beach-goers of social distancing rules that will be in effect with the re-opening of the beaches.

One resolution that didn't pass at the meeting was the reopening of campgrounds, vacation rentals, and hotels.

The Council felt that a rush into reopening lodging could cause a setback in the recovery but the council will reevaluate that measure at a May 20th meeting.

If Seaside is opening, how far behind can other beaches be in finally reopening as long as social distancing is in effect?

Seaside and Cannon Beach are just a few of my favorite places to visit when we go to Oregon so hopefully, other towns and beaches will notice Seaside's lead and start opening up their beaches again.

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