As production and traditional movie releases continue to be delayed during the global pandemic, studios are getting crafty in how they share their films with the world. Netflix released the Russo Brothers’ new action movie Extraction on April 24, and of course, a lot of people watched it. Earlier this week, Netflix took to Twitter to report the news that Extraction is projected to stream on 90 million household screens in just four weeks of being made available on the platform.

Extraction is based on the graphic novel Ciudad, co-created by Joe Russo. He also penned the script, while longtime collaborator Sam Hargrave made his directorial debut on the project. The story follows Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black-market mercenary and a former Australian military air pilot who is enlisted to save an incarcerated drug lord’s son from a hostage situation in Bangladesh. Extraction opened to lukewarm reviews from critics, praising its intense performances but noting its excessive use of violence to get its point across.

Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, Extraction is likely accumulate the largest numbers in Netflix film release history. A big chunk of that has to do with the fact that nearly everyone is at home right now, tired of re-watching The Office for the hundredth time. When a brand new, explosion-laden action movie hits the platform, it’s like a piece of fresh meat. And we, the hungry lions, are poised to devour it.

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