The trailer for Netflix's Lost in Space reboot series has crash landed, and it's intense.

The original science-fiction series, which premiered in 1965 and ran for three seasons, follows the galactic adventures of the Space Family Robinson who, after setting off on a five-year space exploration mission, become (literally) lost in space after an act of sabotage by a stowaway (villainous Dr. Smith) wrecks their navigation system.

In this new, grittier Lost in Space, however, the Robinsons are just one of hundreds of families selected for a planetary colonization mission. After suffering a catastrophe on their ship, the family—expedition commander John Robinson, aerospace engineer Maureen, and their children Judy, Penny and Will—becomes stranded on an Earth-like planet, along with Don West, a roughneck who becomes close to the Robinsons, and Dr. Smith.

Notably, Dr. Smith, originally a male character in the iconic series as well as its 1998 feature film adaptation, is now a woman, played by Parker Posey.

Meanwhile, the series' famous "Danger, Will Robinson!"-sputtering Robot will also appear in the 10-episode reboot series, albeit in a much different (and less campy) manifestation: This new Robot seems to be more extraterrestrial than machine.

Watch below:

Lost in Space premieres April 13.

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