My generation would say seeing "Star Wars" in 1977 at the movie theater had a profound effect on them, but for me it was the first time I saw "Superman: The Movie."

I was 8 years old and I couldn't wait to see that movie.

I lived 30 miles from the nearest movie theater, so the car ride to the show was possibly the most excruciating thing a kid could endure, I was so excited that I was beside myself. 

I sat as the movie began and for the first time I saw Superman come to life in a way that had never been filmed before.

Christopher Reeve was the perfect Superman and he made you believe a man could fly. Margot Kidder's Lois Lane was fantastic and Marlon Brando as Jor-El set the standard for the quality of acting that could be achieved in a comic book movie.

My eyes grew so big as Superman flew across the big screen and I was mesmerized.

I remember having to go to pee and I held it until the scene where Otis went down to Lex Luther's Sub-Terrain Headquarters. I had to wait for years to see that missing scene (back then, there wasn't any Youtube), luckily I got back to see my seat before I missed any good scenes like Superman saving Lois Lane for the first time.

I loved that movie.

We know live in an era where Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and others frequent the big screen and it's become commonplace that even the most unknown characters now have their own movies, but in 1978, it was unheard of unless you were the biggest of all super heroes like Superman or Batman.

I loved "Justice League Of America" as kid. It was the ultimate grouping of heroes and seeing them on the big screen was a fantasy due to the cost of making such a movie. I think if it got done back in the 1980s, it would've been hooky. They attempted to make a Justice League Movie back in the '90s and the video below proved that moviemakers had a long way to go to make a great Justice League movie.

It's 2017 and we know live in a era where CGI and special effects have caught up with the spectacular imagination of the printed comic book pages and that is what I'm most excited about.

I want a Justice League movie that I can be proud of that represents my love for these characters. I can imagine Aquaman finally getting his due and with Jason Momoa as the King Of The Seven Seas, he'll no longer be the butt of jokes. He's sure to be a fan favorite.

The new trailer explodes with energy as Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman come together after the death of Superman to prevent an all out assault on Earth by Darkseid (an incredible Jack Kirby creation from the 1970's), who Marvel Comics has based their Avengers baddie "Thanos" on.

We finally get to see the team come together and I can't imagine this movie not exceeding The Avengers, which still stands as the biggest superhero movie ever, and setting the standard for future big budget superhero movies.

Justice League hits theaters in November and I can't believe I'll finally get to see my favorite heroes on the big screen, after seeing this trailer, it's like I'm 8 years all over again, but this time I'll make sure I go pee before the show.



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