Nikkie de Jager, aka YouTuber NikkieTutorials, came out as a transgender in a new video.

On Monday afternoon (January 13), she released a video titled "I'm Coming Out," telling her 12+ million subscribers she's trans and that she knew she was a girl ever since she was a child.

"I am here to openly share that I am transgender. And with this message, I want to inspire little Nikkies around the world who feel insecure, who feel out of place, who feel misunderstood," she said. "This world needs us. We need to accept each other. We need to respect each other. But most of all, we need to hear each other and understand."

She thanked her mother for being her biggest supporter. "Growing up, I think the No. 1 thing I'm the most thankful for is my mom — love you, Mom — because she has been there for me since day one," de Jager said.

"It doesn’t matter what type of label someone belongs to, what kind of hair color someone has, the type of clothing they wear, their height, their weight, their size, the way they look, the way they want to express themselves," she advocated. "It is 2020, and it is time for us to understand, accept, hear and respect."

"Yes I am transgender," De Jager said, "But at the end of the day I am me."

"I am still Nikkie. Nothing changes about that," she added. "The last thing I want in my life is for you to not trust me anymore, or to look at me with different eyes, or look at me in a different manner, or think that I have changed."

De Jager explained that she wanted to come out on her own terms but that the opportunity was taken from her. She revealed she was being blackmailed and this was the only way to take back her power.

"I am free, and today I get to be me," she said.

Watch NikkieTutorials' powerful coming out video, below:

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