Born in Berlin, based in London, NINA's brand of icy synth-pop is brimming with a Eurodance sound both delectably retro and futuristic.

Citing Depeche Mode as one of her most pervasive influences, it's not difficult to hear the electronic flourishes of euphoric '80s new wave and dance-pop in her music. On "One of Us," the German pop singer's latest single (premiering on PopCrush), pulsating beats and spaced out production makes for an emotionally-charged dollop of dance floor euphoria—like Like A Virgin-era Madonna being remixed by Ladytron on a space ship.

The single, co-written by NINA and Oscillian and mixed by Grammy award winner Liam Nolan (Adele's 25), is about feeling isolated and othered.

"'One of Us' represents a part of my life when I was growing up and it felt like I didn't quite fit in. Life can be cruel sometimes, but writing poetry and music was my escape and really helped me get through tough times," Nina shares.

"I eventually figured out that there are people out there that want to help you," she adds. "Even though we can't see it at the time, we're not alone and things do get better."

Listen below:

See NINA's European tour dates, below:

June 9th - Met Lounge, Peterborough, UK
June 16th - Railway Inn, Winchester, UK
July 2nd - Kelvedon Bash, Brentwood, UK
July 28th - Retro Future Festival, Islington, UK
September 7th - Maze, Berlin, Germany
September 8th - Prinzenbar, Hamburg, Germany
September 9th - Artheater, Köln, Germany
September 29th - Outland, Clapham, UK

"One of Us" is out digitally August 7.

Meet the Alternative Girls of Pop:

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