Nintendo has always been doing innovative things when it comes to video games. From using a light gun to shoot ducks, a remote to pretend like you're bowling and more, they've made video games interactive and fun. Their newest item is called the Nintendo Labo and it combines gaming with... cardboard?

The idea is you get these pre-printed cardboard sheets that you punch out and fold into itself to create simulated items like a cardboard piano, cardboard fishing reel and more. from there, you insert your Joy-Cons which are the little controllers that comes with your Nintendo Switch so when you move the cardboard, you're manipulating the game. For instance, with your fishing reel, you can play a fishing game and 'reel' in the cardboard piece that has the controller in it to reel in your fish in-game. Neat!

These aren't cheap, though. The first kit is going to run $69.99 with another one just for a robot game coming in at a buff $79.99. I'm still very interested in these, but I feel that's a pretty steep price.

See more for yourself at the Nintendo Labo website. This is coming out April 20, 2018.

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