Before Christmas of 2016, Nintendo announced something called the NES Classic Edition. It's a 'plug-n-play' system that involves hooking it up to your TV and, with the packed-in controller, you can play from 30 classic NES games from the 80s and 90s. It was the hottest Christmas item last year. Nintendo announced they were going to cease production of this system. Now if the time you get one, even if you're not into video games. Here's why.

This is a list of the sold items from the NES Classic Edition on eBay. Not what they're listed for, but what people paid money for. All of them going for at least twice as much as they paid for them. Even if you don't like video games, you can flip it for a profit.

Or, if you don't wanna go the eBay route, you can always use the local Craigslist, local Facebook swap group pages. Trust me, people will wanna buy it. Myself, included.

So, if you happen to see them stocking shelves and they're putting these in the store, grab one! A worth investment that will probably grow in value more than your 401k.

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