Police are currently investigating the death of Nipsey Hussle after he was shot and killed outside of his store in L.A., but someone on social media has already tried to claim responsibility for the crime.

After the news of the rapper's death spread across the Internet on Sunday evening (March 31), Instagram user @ThatsCinco posted a video of his Instagram Live session with @gasstongbo, a man who asserts that he's the one who shot and killed Nipsey Hussle in front of his clothing store, The Marathon.

"Fuck Nipsey Hussle man. I shot that dumb nigga," Instagram user @gasstongbo said. "Nigga I'm not playing about none of this shit nigga. I shot him by the entrance of his store. I seen him with his daughter nigga I shot him."

No arrests have been made in the shooting as of press time, and it should be noted that no law enforcement officials have publicly listed this man as a suspect. He is only claiming to have killed the rapper.

News of Nipsey Hussle's tragic death hit the rap community hard, and his fans have spent a lot of time memorializing him.

After the rapper-entrepreneur was shot, Nip's fans began to flood the streets that surround his storefront located off the corner of W Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard in Hyde Park. The plaza was an active crime scene for hours, but that didn't stop fans from bringing candles and posters made in his honor.

"He cared about us, and I care about him," Marquesha Lawson, a childhood friend of Nipsey, told ABC7. "You don't understand what he means to us. It's not too many people that would do the things he did for us. Regardless of where he came from, he didn't care. He still came around and supported everybody."

Check out footage of the man who claims he shot Nipsey for yourself below. See footage from Nip's fans' memorial beneath that.

Rest in power, Nipsey Hussle.

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