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Oprah Falls On Stage While Speaking About Balance

During one of her talks during a recent speaking tour, the television personality took a tumble on stage while the slide show behind her stated, "Wellness: All things in balance." Thankfully unharmed, Oprah proceeded to blame the ironic stumble on wearing the "wrong shoes." (via TMZ)

Millenials Have Worked As Many Jobs As a 50-Year-Old

In a new survey conducted by Open Study College on the current workforce and job market, an interesting statistic arose regarding the amount of positions the working class has held. The average millennial was found to have worked as many jobs as a person in their 50s has throughout their whole career. Those surveyed between the ages of 25 and 34 have held on average six different jobs in their career so far. This displays a massive change in what jobs mean to the newer working generations. Apparently, no longer does it make sense to find one job for a lifetime. (via Study Finds)

Empowering Ways To Celebrate Women's History Month

This month is a reminder to everyone to remember the strong, inspiring women throughout history and their contributions to society. In celebration of all women, there are some fun ways to support and empower them this month, including everything from shopping at women-owned businesses, mentoring women in business, working to get more women's voices heard, reading empowering books to your kids that highlight the role of women, giving compliments freely and frequently, stopping gossip about other women, listening to inspiring podcasts and more. (via NBC News)

Tony Romo Signs To CBS for $17/Million Per Season

Romo's move to stay with CBS network has resulted in him being rewarded handsomely. His new contract will make him the highest paid NFL analyst in television history. His $17M per season pay check is a huge pay jump when compared to his last season, when he was supposedly making $4M as he closed out his 3-year contract. (via TMZ)

Beauty Vlogger Receives Backlash for Admittedly Beating Her 2-Year-Old

Michelle Grace, an online beauty influencer, is in trouble for posting a video in which she brags about beating her 2-year-old daughter after the toddler supposedly ruined her makeup. Grace claimed that she hurt her own hand from beating the child. People are seeking intervention by Child Protective Services, though Grace has defended her actions. In her video titled "My Toddler Ruined My JSC Alien Palette: Now I'm Sad...," Grace stated, "My 2-year-old just got her a-- beat" while the child cried in the background. (via TMZ)

Avoiding the Wrong Information Surrounding the Coronavirus

Something just as fast-spreading as the Coronavirus in the misinformation about the illness. In moments of crisis and panic, there is bound to be plenty of wrong information circulating, making it that much more important to know where to find the correct information. A lot of this misinforming is due to the quick spread of information on social media online. The best way to avoid getting bad facts it to check the source of the information, as well as go straight to the CDC and WHO for direct information. (via Radio.com)

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